Gas Lasers

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Author: W. J. Witteman
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Pub
ISBN: 9780792339885
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Gas Lasers by W. J. Witteman

Original Title: Gas Lasers

Gas lasers are unique in many ways: the availability of high (average) power in all parts of the spectrum from far IR to vacuum UV, the homogeneity of the active medium allowing high beam quality at high power, and relatively low cost. Industrial applications are a natural extension of laser development; one that has a direct effect on the development work. The present volume presents many fundamental and technological problems associated with different types of lasers, such as beam properties, excitation technology, new pumping schemes, pulsed power, construction materials, and new codes for the description of laser operation. Particular emphasis is laid on high power systems operating in UV and vacuum UV, radio frequency discharge physics for waveguide structures, and the achievements in molecular CO and CO2 systems. Other striking results are a table-top kW CO2 slab laser, high cw output power in the 1-3 micron range with rf discharges in atomic gases at relatively high gas densities, and the efficient optical pumping of excimer lasers with ferrite flashes. Excimer lasers now operate at average powers of 1 kW in the UV, and the drive to shorter wavelength is promising for such materials as F2 at 157 nm. A variety of applications are discussed: industrial systems with molecular systems; high resolution lithography; efficient X-ray production; fast switching techniques for IR laser beams.

Gas Lasers

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Author: Masamori Endo
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420018806
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Gas Lasers by Masamori Endo

Original Title: Gas Lasers

Lasers with a gaseous active medium offer high flexibility, wide tunability, and advantages in cost, beam quality, and power scalability. Gas lasers have tended to become overshadowed by the recent popularity and proliferation of semiconductor lasers. As a result of this shift in focus, details on modern developments in gas lasers are difficult to find. In addition, different types of gas lasers have unique properties that are not well-described in other references. Collecting expert contributions from authorities dealing with specific types of lasers, Gas Lasers examines the fundamentals, current research, and applications of this important class of laser. It is important to understand all types of lasers, from solid-state to gaseous, before making a decision for any application. This book fills in the gaps by discussing the definition and properties of gaseous media along with its fluid dynamics, electric excitation circuits, and optical resonators. From this foundation, the discussion launches into the basic physics, characteristics, applications, and current research efforts for specific types of gas lasers: CO lasers, CO2 lasers, HF/DF lasers, excimer lasers, iodine lasers, and metal vapor lasers. The final chapter discusses miscellaneous lasers not covered in the previous chapters. Collecting hard-to-find material into a single, convenient source, Gas Lasers offers an encyclopedic survey that helps you approach new applications with a more complete inventory of laser options.

Introduction To Gas Lasers Population Inversion Mechanisms

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Author: Colin S. Willett
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483158799
Size: 41.94 MB
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Introduction To Gas Lasers Population Inversion Mechanisms by Colin S. Willett

Original Title: Introduction To Gas Lasers Population Inversion Mechanisms

Introduction to Gas Lasers: Population Inversion Mechanisms focuses on important processes in gas discharge lasers and basic atomic collision processes that operate in a gas laser. Organized into six chapters, this book first discusses the historical development and basic principles of gas lasers. Subsequent chapters describe the selective excitation processes in gas discharges and the specific neutral, ionized and molecular laser systems. This book will be a valuable reference on the behavior of gas-discharge lasers to anyone already in the field.

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