Estuarine Comparisons

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Author: Victor S Kennedy
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483257851
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Estuarine Comparisons by Victor S Kennedy

Original Title: Estuarine Comparisons

Estuarine Comparisons compares the knowledge gained about many of the world's estuaries. The book compares the Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic coast estuaries, and the physical, chemical, and biological parameters in estuaries throughout the world. The text also compares the features of North Sea, east and West Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific estuaries, as well as of pioneering work in the Chang Jiang estuary of China, one of the largest in the world. Comparisons of anadromous fisheries, estuarine microbiology, and many other interactive features over a wide variety of latitudinal and longitudinal variation are also encompassed. People interested in estuaries, including ecologists, will find the book invaluable.

The Estuary As A Filter

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Author: Victor S Kennedy
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483277437
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The Estuary As A Filter by Victor S Kennedy

Original Title: The Estuary As A Filter

The Estuary as a Filter contains the proceedings of the Estuarine Research Federation’s seventh biennial conference at Virginia Beach, Virginia, in late October, 1983. In five invited sessions, scientists and managers considered the physical, geological, chemical-geochemical, and biological processes involved in the ""filtering"" role of estuaries and reflected on management implications of these matters. Most of their presentations and reflections are included in this book in order to demonstrate what is known and what needs to be explored further. The papers in this volume are grouped as they were presented at the conference. Thus, physical oceanographers begin the work by considering turbulence, mixing, and circulation processes in estuaries. Geologists then examine estuarine sedimentation, including the roles of flocculation and bioturbation in accelerating this process. Chemists and geochemists describe the interactions among and effects of inputs of nutrients, metals, and organic matter into estuaries, and the fate of radionuclides in these systems. Biological and biochemical processes involving surface foam, microbes, sea grasses, and wetlands are considered, along with carefully derived nutrient budgets of selected estuarine regions. Finally, some of the problems facing managers of estuarine ecosystems in three areas of the United States are described, along with the success story of the ongoing rehabilitation of the Thames Estuary in England.

Ecological Comparisons Of Sedimentary Shores

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Author: Karsten Reise
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540412540
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Ecological Comparisons Of Sedimentary Shores by Karsten Reise

Original Title: Ecological Comparisons Of Sedimentary Shores

Sedimentary coasts with their unique forms of life and productive ecosystems are one of the most threatened parts of the biosphere. This volume analyzes and compares ecological structures and processes at sandy beaches, tidal mudflats and in shallow coastal waters all around the world. Analyses of local processes are paired with comparisons between distant shores, across latitudinal gradients or between separate biogeographic provinces. Emphasis is given to suspension feeders in coastal mud and sand, to biogenic stabilizations and disturbances in coastal sediments, to seagrass beds and faunal assemblages across latitudes and oceans, to recovery dynamics in benthic communities, shorebird predation, and to experimental approaches to the biota of sedimentary shores.

Tidal Estuaries

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Author: Uwe H. Brockmann
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9789054106012
Size: 21.28 MB
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Tidal Estuaries by Uwe H. Brockmann

Original Title: Tidal Estuaries

This manual provides a guide to the selection of appropriate methodologies for the sampling and analysis of chemical and biological variables in estuarine water and sediments. The sampling methods and analytical techniques focus on major biological processes in estuarine systems.

Estuarine Variability

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Author: Douglas A. Wolfe
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483289389
Size: 52.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Estuarine Variability by Douglas A. Wolfe

Original Title: Estuarine Variability

Estuarine Variability illustrates particular aspects of research related to estuarine variability. This book discusses geographic variability, temporal variability, process variability, spatial variability, and modeling of estuarine variability. Examples around the globe that illustrate the sources and nature of variability exhibited by estuarine systems are also described in detail. This compilation emphasizes various approaches that capture important aspects of spatial and temporal variability in models that can guide estuarine management decisions and focus further research. The differences that appear at various times within estuaries, or that exist among estuaries at any given time are likewise considered. This text is suitable for researchers and specialists conducting work in the field of estuarine research.

Estuarine Nutrient Cycling The Influence Of Primary Producers

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Author: Søren Laurentius Nielsen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402030215
Size: 11.73 MB
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Estuarine Nutrient Cycling The Influence Of Primary Producers by Søren Laurentius Nielsen

Original Title: Estuarine Nutrient Cycling The Influence Of Primary Producers

It is a well-known fact that eutrophication of coastal waters causes significant changes in the species composition of the primary producers. Usually a shift from an ecosystem dominated by sea grasses or large brown algae to an ecosystem dominated by fast-growing green algae or phytoplankton is observed. While this shift has been documented in a number of research papers and books, the consequences of this shift are less well known. This book focuses on the consequences of such changes for nutrient cycling. The aim is to investigate how different types of primary producers influence nutrient cycling in coastal marine waters, and how nutrient cycling changes qualitatively and quantitatively as a consequence of the changes in the primary producer community caused by eutrophication. The various chapters address specific ecological processes such as grazing, decomposition, burial and export of biomass from the ecosystem. The book is intended for researchers and professionals working in the field of coastal marine ecology and estuarine ecology and for advanced students in this field.

Eutrophication Processes In Coastal Systems

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Author: Robert J. Livingston
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849390623
Size: 26.41 MB
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Eutrophication Processes In Coastal Systems by Robert J. Livingston

Original Title: Eutrophication Processes In Coastal Systems

Derived from an unprecedented research effort covering over 31 years in a series of studies of 7 major river-estuaries, Eutrophication Processes in Coastal Systems presents a comprehensive and current review of the nature of the eutrophication process and how short- and long-term nutrient loading affects marine systems. This unique book is the culmination of the most advanced research to date on how coastal systems work. Based on an 11 year interdisciplinary study of the Perdido Bay System, Dr. Robert J. Livingston's groundbreaking work offers evidence for significant findings such as: Nutrient concentration gradients in fresh water as it entered the bay were stimulatory to phytoplankton blooms Species that showed distinctive seasonal and interannual successions dominated plankton blooms High relative dominance of bloom species was associated with significant reduction of phytoplankton species richness and diversity The blooms were associated with major reductions of infaunal and epibenthic macroinvertibrates, forcing a serious disruption of the food webs and losses of secondary production Eutrophication Processes in Coastal Ecosystems goes beyond its innovative analyses of how estuarine and coastal systems have responded to fundamental alterations of the eutrophication process. Dr. Livingston's book presents the case that bloom impacts must be reviewed against the background conditions that include periodic changes brought on by drought and anthropogenous dredging. It points to the critical need for further study of phytoplankton communities and the connection between plankton blooms, sediment deterioration, and low secondary production.

Artificial Structures And Shorelines

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Author: H. Jesse Walker
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400929994
Size: 14.73 MB
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Artificial Structures And Shorelines by H. Jesse Walker

Original Title: Artificial Structures And Shorelines

This volume is the result of an initiative of the Commission on the Coastal Environment of the International Geographical Union. The initial concept from which the plan has proceeded was presented at the 24th International Geographical Congress in Japan in 1980. AUTHORSHIP AND COVERAGE All of the articles in this volume have been written by specialists familiar with the coastal segment discussed. Nearly all have been prepared by citizens of the country (and, for that matter, even each subregion) considered. In the case of exceptions (e.g. Suriname), the authors have conducted fieldwork on the coast of the country they treat. In order to preserve the "on-the-spot" integrity of the volume, it was decided not to fill in the blanks along the world's coastline with library researched chapters. Thus, coverage is variable. Nearly every coastal country in Europe is represented whereas for Africa and South America there are major gaps. In addition, there are 2 instances of overlap. In the case of England (with a shoreline of nearly 3,000 km) a complementary chapter on Lincolnshire (with a shoreline of only 155 km) is included. The other case is the general article on the Baltic Coast of the USSR which is supported by chapters on Estonia and Lithuania.

Estuarine Indicators

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Author: Stephen A. Bortone
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420038184
Size: 65.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Estuarine Indicators by Stephen A. Bortone

Original Title: Estuarine Indicators

Acknowledging the present inability to determine objectively the status and trends among estuarine ecosystems, the environmental research community has recently stepped up efforts to develop and evaluate meaningful estuarine indicators. This goal requires the effort of researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines. In order to expedite this initiative, many of the world's leading estuarine scientists came together to present their views at the 2003 Estuarine Indicators Workshop. Derived from this conference of leading estuarine scientists, Estuarine Indicators presents the principles, concepts, practical use, and application of indicators in estuarine research and management practices. Topics include: the theory behind environmental indicators and their presumed attributes; the methods and protocols of indicator development and evaluation; a presentation of effective and ineffective indicator examples; and discussions of the future directions in research and management practices. This is an ideal reference for researchers, scientists, and students from any field dealing with estuaries and estuarine ecosystems. Its introductory-level chapters are accessible to novices and seasoned experts alike, and the applications and interpretation of research data suit the needs of environmental managers. This is a truly multidisciplinary, comprehensive compendium upon which future research will undoubtedly be built.

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