Tool And Object

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Author: Ralph Krömer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3764375248
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Tool And Object by Ralph Krömer

Original Title: Tool And Object

Category theory is a general mathematical theory of structures and of structures of structures. It occupied a central position in contemporary mathematics as well as computer science. This book describes the history of category theory whereby illuminating its symbiotic relationship to algebraic topology, homological algebra, algebraic geometry and mathematical logic and elaboratively develops the connections with the epistemological significance.

Philosophy And Cognitive Science Categories Consciousness And Reasoning

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Author: A. Clark
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401587310
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Philosophy And Cognitive Science Categories Consciousness And Reasoning by A. Clark

Original Title: Philosophy And Cognitive Science Categories Consciousness And Reasoning

PHILOSOPHY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE: CATEGORIES, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND REASONING The individual man, since his separate existence is manifested only by ignorance and error, so far as he is anything apart from his fellows, and from what he and they are to be, is only a negation. Peirce, Some Consequences of Four Incapacities. 1868. For the second time the International Colloquium on Cognitive Science gathered at San Sebastian from May, 7-11, 1991 to discuss the following main topics: Knowledge of Categories Consciousness Reasoning and Interpretation Evolution, Biology, and Mind It is not an easy task to introduce in a few words the content of this volume. We have collected eleven invited papers presented at the Colloquium, which means the substantial part of it. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to include all the invited lectures of the meeting. Before sketching and showing the relevance of each paper, let us explain the reasons for having adopted the decision to organize each two years an international colloquium on Cognitive Science at Donostia (San Sebastian). First of all, Cognitive Science is a very active research area in the world, linking multidisciplinary efforts coming mostly from psychology, artificial intelligence, theoretical linguistics and neurobiology, and using more and more formal tools. We think that this new discipline lacks solid foundations, and in this sense philosophy, particularly knowledge theory, and logic must be called for.

Diagrammatic Immanence

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Author: Rocco Gangle
ISBN: 9781474404174
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Diagrammatic Immanence by Rocco Gangle

Original Title: Diagrammatic Immanence

Spinoza, Peirce and Deleuze are, in different ways, philosophers of immanence. Rocco Gangle addresses the methodological questions raised by a commitment to immanence in terms of how diagrams may be used both as tools and as objects of philosophical investigation. Gangle integrates insights from Spinozist metaphysics, Peircean semiotics and Deleuze's philosophy of difference in conjunction with the formal operations of category theory. He introduces the methods of category theory from a philosophical and diagrammatic perspective in a way that will allow philosophers with little or no mathematical training to come to grips with this important field.

Categorisation In Indian Philosophy

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Author: Dr Jessica Frazier
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409474550
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Categorisation In Indian Philosophy by Dr Jessica Frazier

Original Title: Categorisation In Indian Philosophy

It is by fitting the world into neatly defined boxes that Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain philosophers were able to gain unparalleled insights into the nature of reality, God, language and thought itself. Such categories aimed to encompass the universe, the mind and the divine within an all-encompassing system, from linguistics to epistemology, logic and metaphysics, theology and the nature of reality. Shedding light on the way in which Indian philosophical traditions crafted an elaborate picture of the world, this book brings Indian thinkers into dialogue with modern philosophy and global concerns. For those interested in philosophical traditions in general, this book will establish a foundation for further comparative perspectives on philosophy. For those concerned with the understanding of Indic culture, it will provide a platform for the continued renaissance of research into India's rich philosophical traditions.

From A Geometrical Point Of View

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Author: Jean-Pierre Marquis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402093845
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From A Geometrical Point Of View by Jean-Pierre Marquis

Original Title: From A Geometrical Point Of View

From a Geometrical Point of View explores historical and philosophical aspects of category theory, trying therewith to expose its significance in the mathematical landscape. The main thesis is that Klein’s Erlangen program in geometry is in fact a particular instance of a general and broad phenomenon revealed by category theory. The volume starts with Eilenberg and Mac Lane’s work in the early 1940’s and follows the major developments of the theory from this perspective. Particular attention is paid to the philosophical elements involved in this development. The book ends with a presentation of categorical logic, some of its results and its significance in the foundations of mathematics. From a Geometrical Point of View aims to provide its readers with a conceptual perspective on category theory and categorical logic, in order to gain insight into their role and nature in contemporary mathematics. It should be of interest to mathematicians, logicians, philosophers of mathematics and science in general, historians of contemporary mathematics, physicists and computer scientists.

Literature Philosophy And The Social Sciences

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Author: Maurice Natanson
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401192782
Size: 18.69 MB
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Literature Philosophy And The Social Sciences by Maurice Natanson

Original Title: Literature Philosophy And The Social Sciences

A collection of one man's essays in book form tends to be viewed today with some suspicion, if not hostility, by philosophical critics. It would seem that the author is guilty of an academic sin of pride: causing or helping to cause separately conceived articles to surpass their original station and assume a new life, a grander articulation. It can hardly be denied that the essays which follow must face this sullen charge, for they were composed at different times for different sorts of audiences and, for the most part, have already been published. Their appearance in a new form will not allay commonplace criticisms: there are repetitions, certain key terms are defined and defined again in various places, a few quotations reappear, and, beyond this, the essays are unequal in range, depth, and fundamental intent. But it is what brings these essays together that constitutes, I trust, their collective merit. Underlying the special arguments that are to be found in each of the chapters is a particular sense of reality, not a thesis or a theory but rather a way of seeing the world and of appreciating its texture and design. It is that sense of reality that I should like to speak of here. Philosophy stands in a paradoxical relationship to mundane ex istence: it is at once its critique and one of its possibilities.

Classical Indian Philosophy

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Author: Jitendranath Mohanty
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847689330
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Classical Indian Philosophy by Jitendranath Mohanty

Original Title: Classical Indian Philosophy

Renowned philosopher J. N. Mohanty examines the range of Indian philosophy from the Sutra period through the 17th century Navya Nyaya. Instead of concentrating on the different systems, he focuses on the major concepts and problems dealt with in Indian philosophy. The book includes discussions of Indian ethics and social philosophy, as well as of Indian law and aesthetics. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Badiou And Philosophy

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Author: Sean Bowden
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748668330
Size: 14.84 MB
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Badiou And Philosophy by Sean Bowden

Original Title: Badiou And Philosophy

The first reassessment of Alain Badiou's work since the English translation of his Logics of Worlds in 2009. From Cantor to category/topos theory, from Lacan to Lautman and from Sartre to the subject, these 13 essays engage directly with the work of Alain Badiou. They focus on the philosophical content of Badiou's work and show how he connects both with his contemporaries and his philosophical heritage. This is an important collection for anyone interested in the work of Badiou and contemporary Continental philosophy.

Nothingness In Asian Philosophy

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Author: JeeLoo Liu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317683846
Size: 33.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nothingness In Asian Philosophy by JeeLoo Liu

Original Title: Nothingness In Asian Philosophy

A variety of crucial and still most relevant ideas about nothingness or emptiness have gained profound philosophical prominence in the history and development of a number of South and East Asian traditions—including in Buddhism, Daoism, Neo-Confucianism, Hinduism, Korean philosophy, and the Japanese Kyoto School. These traditions share the insight that in order to explain both the great mysteries and mundane facts about our experience, ideas of "nothingness" must play a primary role. This collection of essays brings together the work of twenty of the world’s prominent scholars of Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, Neo-Confucian, Japanese and Korean thought to illuminate fascinating philosophical conceptualizations of "nothingness" in both classical and modern Asian traditions. The unique collection offers new work from accomplished scholars and provides a coherent, panoramic view of the most significant ways that "nothingness" plays crucial roles in Asian philosophy. It includes both traditional and contemporary formulations, sometimes putting Asian traditions into dialogue with one another and sometimes with classical and modern Western thought. The result is a book of immense value for students and researchers in Asian and comparative philosophy.

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