The Limits Of Hospitality

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Author: Jessica Wrobleski
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814659985
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The Limits Of Hospitality by Jessica Wrobleski

Original Title: The Limits Of Hospitality

Practicing hospitality is central to building a civil society, not to mention living a Christian life. It can be enriching and joy-filled, but it can also be profoundly demanding and sometimes even dangerous. In The Limits of Hospitality, Jessica Wrobleski explores the ethical questions surrounding the practice of hospitality, particularly hospitality that is informed by Christian theological commitments. While there is no algorithm that distinguishes between ethically 'legitimate"' and 'illegitimate' boundaries, the variety of circumstances in which hospitality is relevant and the nature of hospitality itself make advocating firm and fixed boundaries difficult. How much more so for Christians, for whom the practice of hospitality should be a manifestation of agape, a participation in God's eschatological welcome extended to all people through Jesus Christ! Are limits to hospitality, then, merely a regrettable concession to our finite and fallen condition? Wrobleski offers a rich theological reflection that will interest anyone who has a role in the practice of hospitality in community? Whether such communities are families, households, churches, educational institutions, or nation-states.

A World Survey Of Religion And The State

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Author: Jonathan Fox
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139472593
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A World Survey Of Religion And The State by Jonathan Fox

Original Title: A World Survey Of Religion And The State

This book delves into the extent of government involvement in religion between 1990 and 2002 using both quantitative and qualitative methodology. The study is based on the Religion and State dataset, which includes 175 governments across the globe, all of which are addressed individually in this book. The forms of involvement examined in this study include whether the government has an official religion, whether some religions are given preferential treatment, religious discrimination against minority religion, government regulation of the majority religion, and religious legislation. The study shows that government involvement in religion is ubiquitous, that it increased significantly during this period, and that only a minority of states, including a minority of democracies, have separation of religion and state. These findings contradict the predictions of religion's reduced public significance found in modernization and secularization theory. The findings also demonstrate that state religious monopolies are linked to reduced religious participation.

Faith The Life Of The Intellect

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Author: Curtis L. Hancock
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 9780813213118
Size: 39.83 MB
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Faith The Life Of The Intellect by Curtis L. Hancock

Original Title: Faith The Life Of The Intellect

This book brings together a distinguished group of Catholic philosophers concerned with the question of the proper relationship between faith and the life of the intellect. The contributors raise and discuss, from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and philosophical and religious interests, the central question of how philosophers who are religious believers deal with the relationship between their religious beliefs and their research and scholarly work. The essays consider such questions as: What is the correct relationship between one's religion and one's research aims and objectives? Does one's religious belief complement, or conflict with, one's scholarship and teaching? To what extent are Christian philosophers motivated in their work by religious faith? This book is the first to introduce the long and rich Catholic tradition and perspective into the broader debate concerning faith and the life of the intellect. The contributors--younger scholars and older scholars, liberals and conservatives, priests, consecrated religious, and lay people, men and women--offer personal reflections on the way in which faith and philosophy are integrated in their own lives. Many of the authors discuss those events and experiences that helped shape their responses to the general issue of faith seeking understanding.

Introducing Christian Ethics

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Author: Samuel Wells
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 140515277X
Size: 19.93 MB
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Introducing Christian Ethics by Samuel Wells

Original Title: Introducing Christian Ethics

This comprehensive textbook redefines the field of Christian Ethics, highlighting distinctions between ethical approaches, and offering thoughtful insights into the complex moral challenges facing people today. Redefines the field of Christian ethics along three strands: universal (ethics for anyone), subversive (ethics for the excluded), and ecclesial (ethics for the church) Offers students substantially more than many texts, most of which focus solely on issues, approaches, or key figures in Christian ethics; this books covers all...

The Quest For Plausible Christian Discourse In A World Of Pluralities

Download Read Online The Quest For Plausible Christian Discourse In A World Of Pluralities book
Author: Younhee Kim
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039107339
Size: 75.64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Quest For Plausible Christian Discourse In A World Of Pluralities by Younhee Kim

Original Title: The Quest For Plausible Christian Discourse In A World Of Pluralities

This book critically examines David Tracy's well-known methodology of fundamental theology, namely his revisionist model as developed in his Blessed Rage for Order (1975), together with his methodological shifts through the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. It explores how successful he has been in constructing a methodology for the public theological discourse that he deems so necessary. More particularly, this book asks how serviceable this methodology is for articulating Christian discourse in an intelligible and public way in the contemporary context of religious plurality.

Kerala Christian Sainthood

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Author: Corinne G. Dempsey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198029915
Size: 70.48 MB
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Kerala Christian Sainthood by Corinne G. Dempsey

Original Title: Kerala Christian Sainthood

Kerala Christian Sainthood is an ethnography-based study that celebrates the multi-vocal function of saints. Drawing on pilgrim anecdotes, shrine practices, official hagiographies, and regional lore, author Corinne Dempsey demonstrates how the business of saints routinely extends beyond their capacity as earthly conduits of miraculous power. Saintly characters described in this book, hailing from the religiously pluralistic south Indian state of Kerala, tend not only to the health and happiness of individual devotees but help craft and express the multiple identities and complex power relations of their devotional communities as well. Throughout the study, Dempsey highlights the traditions of Sr. Alphonsa of Bharananganam (1910-1946) and St. George the martyr, two figures who reflect the many preoccupations of Kerala sainthood. Sr. Alphonsa, native of Kerala and famous for her life of suffering and posthumous power, stands in line to be canonized by the Vatican. St. George, the caped dragon slayer imported to Kerala by Syrian merchants and later by Portuguese and British colonizers, is today partially debunked by Rome. These two figures, while differing dramatically in temperament, nationality, age of cult, and Vatican standing, boast a vast popular appeal in Kerala's Kottayam district. In examining Sr. Alphonsa and St. George, Dempsey shows how Kerala's saint traditions reflect devotees' hybrid identities in both colonial and postcolonial times. This ethnography of Christian sainthood within a Hindu cultural context, of "foreign" traditions adopted by native practice, and of female sanctity negotiated through patriarchal expectation is poised at a number of intersections. Dempsey provides not only a comparative study of cultures, religions, and worldviews, but also a unique grounding for contemporary ethnographic, post-colonial, and feminist concerns.

The Holy Spirit And Christian Ethics In The Theology Of Klaus Bockmuehl

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Author: Annette M. Glaw
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630873675
Size: 69.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Holy Spirit And Christian Ethics In The Theology Of Klaus Bockmuehl by Annette M. Glaw

Original Title: The Holy Spirit And Christian Ethics In The Theology Of Klaus Bockmuehl

Klaus Bockmuehl (1931-1989), former Professor for Systematic Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, published outstanding theological ethical works. The questions that Bockmuehl explored have not lost any relevance: How do we know what God's will is in a particular situation? Is Scripture sufficient for ethical decisions or should we listen to God? Does God even speak today? Is there a distinctive Christian ethic? Bockmuehl's central contribution can be found in his emphasis on the seminal role the Holy Spirit plays within Christian ethics, not only as the one who realizes the reign of God in the life of the individual but also as the one guiding the individual in a particular situation. This book is the first in-depth study of Bockmuehl, introducing readers to his theology and ethics, including a short biographical overview, delineating and appraising how he understands the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian ethics. It is not a book without criticism and its own creative contribution. Annette Glaw concludes her fascinating study with a proposal for a relational concept of the Holy Spirit as the loving presence of God in Christian ethics.

Antagonism On Youtube

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Author: Stephen Pihlaja
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472566696
Size: 27.78 MB
Format: PDF
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Antagonism On Youtube by Stephen Pihlaja

Original Title: Antagonism On Youtube

This book focuses on the ways in which metaphor contributes to the development of Internet arguments, known as 'drama', particularly on YouTube. Although a growing body of research into YouTube interaction has developed descriptions of user experience on the site, empirical studies of the YouTube video page and discourse analysis of user interaction are rare. This research specifically focuses on user interaction around issues of Christian theology and atheism on the site, analysing how 'drama' emerges. Since YouTube drama occurs publicly, Antagonism on YouTube focuses on video pages rather than user reports of their actions and responses. It investigates how and why YouTube drama develops through a systematic description and analysis of user discourse activity. Through close analysis of video pages, this study contributes to a greater academic understanding of Internet antagonism and YouTube interaction by revealing the factors which contribute to the development of drama over time.

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