Biophysics And Other Topics

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Author: Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483218511
Size: 49.88 MB
Format: PDF
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Biophysics And Other Topics by Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky

Original Title: Biophysics And Other Topics

Biophysics and Other Topics: Selected Papers by Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky covers papers on polyelectrolytes, mechanochemistry, irreversible thermodynamics, membrane processes, network thermodynamics, biophysics, and science and humanities. The book discusses on polyelectrolytes, the electrostatic potential, thermodynamic properties, interaction with small molecules and ions, and cooperative transitions. The text also describes mechanochemistry; dynamics of macromolecular interactions; hysteresis; and memory. Irreversible thermodynamics, theory of membrane processes, and network thermodynamics are also considered. The book further tackles the reactions of amino acids with aldoses, polypeptide synthesis, and prebiotic synthesis. The text then encompasses topics on surface activity of polyelectrolytes; properties of the red cell membrane; and science and the humanities. People involved in the study of the above mentioned topics will find the book invaluable.


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Author: V. Pattabhi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402002182
Size: 26.70 MB
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Biophysics by V. Pattabhi

Original Title: Biophysics

Biophysics, being an interdisciplinary topic, is of great importance in modern biology. This book addresses the needs of biologists, biochemists, and medical biophysicists for an introduction to the subject. The text is based on a one-semester course offered to graduate students of life sciences, and covers a wide range of topics from quantum mechanics to pre-biotic evolution. To understand the topics, only basic school level mathematics is required. The first chapter introduces and refreshes the reader's knowledge of physics and chemistry. The next chapters cover various physico-chemical techniques used to study biomolecular structures, followed by treatments of spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction, and computational techniques. X-ray crystallography and NMR are dealt with in greater detail. The latter half of the book covers results obtained from applications of the above techniques. Some of the other topics dealt with are energy pathways, biomechanics, and neuro-biophysics.

Selected Topics In Physics Astrophysics And Biophysics

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Author: E. Abecassis de Laredo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401026335
Size: 48.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Selected Topics In Physics Astrophysics And Biophysics by E. Abecassis de Laredo

Original Title: Selected Topics In Physics Astrophysics And Biophysics

This volume contains the lecture notes of ten courses given at the XIV Latin American School of Physics (XIV LASP) which took place in Caracas, Venezuela, from the 10th to the 28th of July 1972. The LASP is held each year in a different Latin American country. Its purpose is to bring together young Latin American physicists at the doctorate level to attend lectures given by well known scientists. The participants are also invited to give seminars on their research work. The topics of the courses given this year were chosen according to the existent fields of interest in Latin America. Two of these courses, namely those covering astrophysics and biophysics were given in such a way as to be accessible to all par ticipants independently of their main field of interest. The XIV LASP has received financial support from institutions in Venezuela and abroad, making possible a meeting of ninety-two Latin American physicists and ten distinguished lecturers. For this we are indebted to the following Institutions: Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnologicas de Venezuela, Organization of American States, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, and its physicists, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Consejo de Desarrollo Cientifico y Humanistico de la U.C.V., Universidad Simon Bolivar, Embassy of U.S.A. in Venezuela, Embassy of France in Venezuela, The British Council in Venezuela, Ministerio de Educacion de Venezuela and the Latin-American Center of Physics.

Comprehensive Biophysics

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Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0080957188
Size: 65.51 MB
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Comprehensive Biophysics by

Original Title: Comprehensive Biophysics

Biophysics is a rapidly-evolving interdisciplinary science that applies theories and methods of the physical sciences to questions of biology. Biophysics encompasses many disciplines, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, physiology, and neuroscience, and it is essential that scientists working in these varied fields are able to understand each other's research. Comprehensive Biophysics will help bridge that communication gap. Written by a team of researchers at the forefront of their respective fields, under the guidance of Chief Editor Edward Egelman, Comprehensive Biophysics provides definitive introductions to a broad array of topics, uniting different areas of biophysics research - from the physical techniques for studying macromolecular structure to protein folding, muscle and molecular motors, cell biophysics, bioenergetics and more. The result is this comprehensive scientific resource - a valuable tool both for helping researchers come to grips quickly with material from related biophysics fields outside their areas of expertise, and for reinforcing their existing knowledge. Biophysical research today encompasses many areas of biology. These studies do not necessarily share a unique identifying factor. This work unites the different areas of research and allows users, regardless of their background, to navigate through the most essential concepts with ease, saving them time and vastly improving their understanding The field of biophysics counts several journals that are directly and indirectly concerned with the field. There is no reference work that encompasses the entire field and unites the different areas of research through deep foundational reviews. Comprehensive Biophysics fills this vacuum, being a definitive work on biophysics. It will help users apply context to the diverse journal literature offering, and aid them in identifying areas for further research Chief Editor Edward Egelman (E-I-C, Biophysical Journal) has assembled an impressive, world-class team of Volume Editors and Contributing Authors. Each chapter has been painstakingly reviewed and checked for consistent high quality. The result is an authoritative overview which ties the literature together and provides the user with a reliable background information and citation resource

Cell Physiology Sourcebook

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Author: Nicholas Sperelakis
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0123877385
Size: 20.63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Cell Physiology Sourcebook by Nicholas Sperelakis

Original Title: Cell Physiology Sourcebook

This authoritative book gathers together a broad range of ideas and topics that define the field. It provides clear, concise, and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of cellular physiology from fundamental concepts to more advanced topics. The Fourth Edition contains substantial new material. Most chapters have been thoroughly reworked. The book includes chapters on important topics such as sensory transduction, the physiology of protozoa and bacteria, and synaptic transmission. Authored by leading researchers in the field Clear, concise, and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of cellular physiology, from fundamental concepts to more advanced topics Full color illustrations

Biomedical Applications Of Biophysics

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Author: Thomas Jue
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781603272339
Size: 51.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Biomedical Applications Of Biophysics by Thomas Jue

Original Title: Biomedical Applications Of Biophysics

In keeping with goal and style of the Handbook in Modern Biophysics series, the proposed book will maintain a chapter structure that contains two parts: concepts and biological application. The book also integrates all the chapters into a smooth, continuous discourse. The first and second chapters establish the mathematical methods and theoretical framework underpinning the different topics in the rest if the book. Other chapters will use the theoretical framework as a basis to discuss optical and NMR approaches. Each chapter will contain innovative didactic elements that facilitate teaching, self-study, and research preparation (key points, summary, exercise, references).

Biophysics Of The Failing Heart

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Author: R. John Solaro
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 146147678X
Size: 36.56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Biophysics Of The Failing Heart by R. John Solaro

Original Title: Biophysics Of The Failing Heart

Subjects in the monograph “Biophysics of the Failing Heart” include state of the art chapters considering major biophysical mechanisms for why hearts responding to acquired or inherited stressors enter into maladaptive processes eventually leading to an inability of the heart to respond efficiently to hemodynamic loads especially during exercise. The chapters describe biophysical techniques that have been applied to determine the triggers for the heart failure process as well as the mechanisms for sustaining the disorders. These techniques include measurements of active and passive mechanical properties and hemodynamics at levels of organization ranging from molecules to hearts beating in situ. Biophysical concepts and approaches are also applied to determination of signaling and signal transduction, energetics, ionic currents, transport processes, electro-chemical and chemo-mechanical coupling. By its emphasis on biophysical aspects of a prevalent clinical condition, the monograph is unique in its perspective and focus. The breadth of information in the chapters all in one place will be of value to clinicians and researchers at all levels. Modern research approaches and clinical understanding of heart failure demands integration of multiple aspects of the disorders. In most cases, combinations of clinician scientists and researchers author the chapters. A main benefit of the book is couched in its didactic approach together with its emphasis on how biophysical concepts and techniques aid in diagnosis and development of new therapies.

Electrical Interactions In Molecular Biophysics

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Author: Raymond Gabler
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0323154042
Size: 69.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Electrical Interactions In Molecular Biophysics by Raymond Gabler

Original Title: Electrical Interactions In Molecular Biophysics

Electrical Interactions in Molecular Biophysics: An Introduction deals with electrical interactions between biomolecules and therefore encompasses two disciplines, molecular biology and physics. The emphasis is on the electrical nature of biochemical or molecular biological reactions. The principles of electrostatics are used to explain some of the basic units of structure on a molecular level. Comprised of nine chapters, this book opens with an overview of the concepts and structures of biochemistry, with particular reference to different structural biochemical groups and how they are used as building blocks in forming molecules. The following chapters discuss the basics of elementary electrostatics; dielectric constants and dipoles; the dipole moments of biomolecules; van der Waals forces; and Debye-Huckel theory. Water and water structure are also considered from a physical standpoint. The final chapter is devoted to experimental techniques that rely upon the electrical properties of biomolecules and explains what types of information can be obtained from each experimental form. This monograph will be of interest to students and practitioners in biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, or microbiology.

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